Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister


The Atmos Canister banishes air, moisture, and odours to stop your beans from ageing out before you’ve enjoyed the whole bag. By simply twisting the lid back to remove the air, the integrated vacuum pump will extend your coffee’s shelf life and make it fresher for longer.

The addition of a vacuum lock indicator will indicate that the vacuum is locked to prevent oxidation. An easy release button will effortlessly unlock your coffee and bring the air pressure back to normal for consumption. The chic clear glass design is ideal for showcasing and storing more than coffee. Whether its cereal, cookies, or whatever else could benefit from the banishment of air, the Atmost Vacuum Canister 0.7L in Clear Glass is guaranteed to keep your goods fresh.

Key Features:

Integrated vacuum pump

Vacuum lock indicator – Easy release button

Airtight silicone seal

Stores more than just coffee

Holds up to 10oz of coffee beans

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