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Learn about the world of third wave coffee with our barista training courses.

The Art Of Coffee

We have harnessed everything we've learned about the coffee industry over the last 9 years to create bespoke wholesale training courses, held within our Roastery in Ammanford and designed to help your team master the art of coffee.

Our courses cater for all levels; whether you're a coffee novice, a seasoned barista or somewhere in between, our training will suit your needs.


CREATING A coffee culture

In our experience, the best coffee is made by those who have a real love for it.

Once you've established a coffee culture within your team, a passion for learning will be sparked and they'll strive every day to make the best coffee they can. Our training courses help to ignite this spark and maintain their enthusiasm.

Our Training

Our training academy is located within our Headquarters in Ammanford. overlooking our espresso bar and production area, it gives you a great view of the beans you're brewing being roasted.

Kitted out with all the latest machinery from La Marzocco, Mahlkonig and Victoria Arduino, our training academy provides an opportunity for you to get hands-on with the equipment you'll be using every day.


The world of third wave coffee is continuously changing, so it's a good idea to fine-tune your skills and knowledge every once in a while.  

Whether you've gained some fresh faces who need an introduction to the industry, or one of your more seasoned veterans is in need of a refresh, we offer free barista brush-up courses for everyone on your team.

1. Recruitment

We can help you recruit the right people for your team and identify your leaders.

2. Training

We'll keep your team up-to-date with all the latest trends and techniques in the world of third wave coffee, and make sure their skills are up to scratch.

3. Retention

Keeping your team on board with your vision is essential; we can advise you on how to retain staff and keep morale up.