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Learn the art of specialty coffee with our range of home courses


the coaltown academy encompasses the knowledge base we have gained in the industry since setting off in 2013. we have used this knowledge to design bespoke training courses held within our ammanford roastery to share the techniques and tricks of the trade so you can master your coffee making skills at home.


The Espresso Fundamentals Workshop is perfect for those looking to expand their coffee knowledge and delve into the theory of espresso recipes, coffee origins, and brewing basics.

This course is ideal for home coffee enthusiasts with a domestic espresso setup looking to strengthen their core knowledge of coffee basics.

3 Hour Course


FILTER Workshop - Foundation

Our home filter workshop is a crash course in brewing coffee, covering how to consistently brew a French press, aeropress, and pour over.

The workshop also covers brew ratios and recipes for various types of coffee origin, grind calibration, sensory identification, and water quality.

1 hour course


Latte Art workshop - Foundation

Our Latte Art Foundation is designed to expand on the fundamental skills of milk texturing and pouring technique which is covered in our Espresso Fundamentals Workshop.

We will cover a range of latte art patterns and further explore the science behind milk texturing to improve overall consistency and technique.

2 Hour Course

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