All of our coffee is roasted on site at our hq and roastery in Ammanford, South Wales.

Unlocking the unique flavours within the world's finest coffee begins in the roaster. Hand-roasting in small batches, our Head of coffee is able to judge the timing and temperature to perfection, delicately drawing out the complex flavour notes from raw green beans. We carefully study how the beans turn from green through to straw yellow and then finally to rich, sumputuous brown, ready to be brewed into perfect cup.

Our HOC has been trained within the guidelines set out in the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) education programme. We roast our beans every day to guarantee that you are drinking the freshest coffee around.


Probat as its known today was originally founded in 1868 by Alex van Gülpen, Johann Heinrich Lensing and Theodor von Gimborn under the name Emmericher Maschinenfabrik und Eisengießerei. Through their combined expertise, these three engineers started a new age in coffee production with the world's first spherical roaster, and, in 1884, landed a patent for the Kaffeeschnellröster, a revolutionary development of the drum roaster that remains the most common roasting method in coffee production today. The first Probat roaster was manufactured in 1920, later forcing the name change from the Emmerich machine factory to Probat-Werke (Probat Factories).

Probat GG75

Our Probat GG75 sits pride of place in the center of our production area in the roastery. This custom restored, copper clad powerhouse is responsible for roasting our key blend coffees black Gold No3 and Candle Light No1, as well as a number of our larger scale single origins. Originally built in Germany by Probat in the 1950s and having spent a large part of its life in Italy, It has taken us nearly 4 years to expertly restore this vintage classic to its former glory, and after adding its custom copper detailing, this GG75 is one of a kind!

4 years in the making

Our Probat GG75, named geoffery after scott's late uncle who had a huge passion for Coaltown, has been rebuilt from the ground up over the last 4 years to become a one of a kind roaster, combining classic engineering from the 1950s with the latest roasting technology used in the industry today.

The GG75 is a 75kg roaster that has the ability to roast up to 4 batches an hour with a maximum daily output just shy of 3 tonnes of coffee. The roaster has been converted from LPG to Natural Gas for its higher safety rating and lower emissions. It has also has been fitted with high level insulation and heat shields, which, combined with its cast iron build, maximises energy efficiency by reducing heat loss and allowing thermal mass to be retained.

Classic German

Clever engineering, combined with the roasters large capacity, ensures the best consistency between each roast. The roaster's cylinder has been fitted with PT100 temperature sensors and probes so each roast can be carefully monitored and profiled. Each roast is supported by a large volume afterburner that vaporises any emissions that are produced to over 1200 Degrees Celsius.

We have also sourced an extra large cooling tray that sits in front of the roaster which is key to halting the roast process as quick as possible to retain the desired profiles across the entire coffee batch.

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