Jenkin Jones


Decaffeinated Espresso

Jenkin Jones is the name we gave to our decaffeinated single origin. It is a gesture to a Welsh coal baron Jenkin B. Jones, who travelled from Glyn Neath to America in 1863 to make his fortune in the prolific anthracite coalfields of eastern Pennsylvania.

Our Jenkin Jones is the Happy Capybara decaf, a regional blend from Minas Gerais.

In terms of area, Minas Gerais is the 4th largest state in Brazil, but when it comes to Arabica cultivation, the region is the most important in the country. It produces about 74% of Brazil’s total coffee volume.

Minas Gerais produces more coffee than any other country in the world!

The first coffee plant was imported into the country’s North- Ernmost state, Pará, in 1727 and cultivated for the first time. This is where the success story of the small beans began. Within 50 years, the plant spread throughout the entire country. At that time, however, coffee was only cultivated by European colonialists for their own use. Brazil is always a good base for decaf because of relatively low acidity, rounded body and its consistent tase milk chocolate.


The water-EA-decaffeination method is quite simple. A natural solvent, in this case ethyl acetate (EA), is used to decaffeinate the coffee beans. The process starts by soaking the green coffee in water and then steaming it for about 30 minutes to open the pores and expand the coffee cells. This makes the caffeine extraction possible.

Then the green beans are soaked and washed in EA solution, which attracts and removes the caffeine. Once the coffee is saturated, the tank is emptied and a fresh solution is poured in, which is done for another eight hours. Then the coffee undergoes steaming, which removes the EA. After drying, cooling and polishing the beans, a final quality control determines whether the coffee is ready for roasting.

A little story behind the Happy Capy, by Fabio

“In all my works I put a little bit of myself and this one was no different. For me happiness has more to do with the simple things in our lives, like a cup of coffee in the morning on a rainy day, a family lunch, a warm bed waiting for you in the end of a very tiring and hard day... And of course, good music... Those little pleasures of life, you know? And the music for me is very special because love to listen while I do something, it makes me happy. And her (the capybara) face is very happy, exactly the expression we make when we realise that these little moments make our lives so happy.”  - Fabio Junior

Region: Happy Capybara, Minas Gerais



catuai, mundo novo


Water EA



900 masl

roast profile:


taste notes:

Chocolate, sweet, citrus, medium acidity


Grind Setting: fine

extraction Time: 26 - 29 seconds

dose / yield: 18g / 36g


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We would always recommend that you use a grinder at home in order to achieve the grind suitable for your particular brewing equipment, but we appreciate that this is not always possible, so we do offer our coffee as ground. We offer grind options that we think would achieve the best results from the numerous variations of machines and equipment that are available to consumers, but we cannot guarantee that our ground options will work with every unique set up. 

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