producers: Kisinga washing station, Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd

Kisinga is a coffee station in the Rwenzori mountains that we visited in 2019 in order to source some of the best Arabica that Uganda has to offer. This premium natural captivated us with its amazing fruity sweet and boozy notes, creating a unique naturally processed coffee that we felt best represented the sensory experience of visiting this area.

The Rwenzoris, famously known as the ‘Mountains of the Moon’ range to the east and west, inhabited by farmers from the Bakonzo tribe. They stretch for 120km along the Western Uganda border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. The high altitude, fertile soils and plentiful rainfall provide perfect conditions for Arabica beans.

Agri Evolve, the parent company of the Rwenzori Coffee Co., is dedicated to training farmers in the latest developments in agronomy—'farming for a better future', as is stated in their motto.



sl-14, sl-28 Heirlooms


natural 18~21 days



1600 ~ 2000 masl

roast profile:


taste notes:

grape, blackcurrant, tropical fruit

Pour Over

pour over

Grind Setting: medium coarse

brew Time: 2 minutes (1 cup pour over)

Coffee / Water: 16g / 240L

French Press

french press

Grind Setting: Coarse

brew Time: 4 minutes

Coffee / Water: 65g / 1L



Grind Setting: Very Coarse

brew Time: 6-6 1/2 minutes (1L coffee)

Coffee / Water: 65g / 1L

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