Anthracite No2



The criteria for Anthracite was a juicy, fruity, NATURAL Espresso full of flavours you wouldn't necessarily associate with coffee, and we believe we have managed to achieve this. Anthracite's unique profile received commendation from the Guild of Fine Food with a 3 star Great Taste Award.

Region, Donkey Kisinga, Uganda

The Rwenzori Mountains, famously known as the ‘Mountains of the Moon’, stretch for 120km along Western Uganda and are home to the Bakonzo tribe. The high altitude, fertile soils provide perfect conditions for growing coffee beans, while the breathtaking snow-capped peaks, glaciers and consistent rainfall create a sustained supply of fresh water.

Many coffee farmers live high up on the slopes of the Rwenzori mountain range, which peaks at more than 5,000 MASL. The higher altitude the coffee grows, the slower it matures, which results in a more complex and unique cup profile. To access the farms situated at these high altitudes, Agri Evolve has arranged a ‘donkey network’ that collects the ripe cherries from the farms located in these remote areas. This very literally leaves the heavy lifting ‘donkeywork’ to the donkeys instead of being transported in small quantities by push-bike.



sl14, sl28





2500 masl

roast profile:


taste notes:

Strawberry, Peach, dried fruits, honey


Grind Setting: fine

extraction Time: 26 - 29 seconds

dose / yield: 18g / 36g

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