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Article: Fazenda do Salto - Conversation with Otavio, a 5th generation coffee farmer with a history that goes back 100 years

Fazenda do Salto - Conversation with Otavio, a 5th generation coffee farmer with a history that goes back 100 years

Fazenda do Salto - Conversation with Otavio, a 5th generation coffee farmer with a history that goes back 100 years


What is your first "coffee" memory?

My first “coffee” memory is riding a horse with my parents around the coffee plantation when I was child.


How did you get involved in the industry? 

To be honest with you it was quite natural and obvious what I will be doing when I grow up as I am the fifth generation of coffee grower in our family, both sides, mother and father.


What is your current role within coffee?

Next to the day to day farm duties we share with my parents, I am also head of operations, and the commercial part of the business.


What excites you about the coffee industry and why did you want to be part of it?

The coffee world is simply incredible, in many terms. Starting with the people you meet on the journey from all over the world, the friends that you make in the coffee ecosystem throughout the years. Being a coffee farmer is an exciting and never-ending journey of growth and development. There is always an opportunity to learn something new, as well as the chance to implement new varietals and improve existing processes. Ultimately, the goal is to make the place that we all love more efficient day by day.


Could you briefly describe your farm location and elevation?

This privileged place enjoys a fresh climate, numerous areas that remain untouched and highly elevated spots (up to 1200 meters) which offer ideal conditions for special crops such as coffee. The house itself is situated at an altitude of 980 meters, whereas the coffee plantations are found between 1050 and 1200 meters.


What would a typical day look like for an employee at your farm?

There are a variety of different works taking place on our farm, ranging from manual labour to the use of machinery. Additionally, as the year progresses, the works related to coffee production become more prominent.


How do you think your coffee is different from other origins?

I believe Brazilian coffees are the best in terms of quality. Furthermore, Brazilian coffees prioritise good environmental and social practices.We are extremely proud of our farm for demonstrating responsible practices in our region and throughout Brazil.


How many coffee plants you have and what kind of varieties you grow and why those?

In the Salto farm we have 3.500.000 coffee plants. When it comes to planting new coffee, our focus is always on both quality and production. We have multiple varietals in our farm : Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Yellow Icatu, Red Icatu, Yellow Catucai, Yellow Catuai, Red Catuai, Rubi , Arara , Mundo Novo, Acaia, Topazio... 


Can you briefly describe your farm location and elevation, also how much coffee can you produce during one season?

Our coffee-growing area is located at an altitude of 1050-1200 meters, with nutrient-rich soil and a well-defined rainy season. Salto farm produces approximately 35,000 bags of coffee annually.


Do you grow anything else at the plantation?

No, not at the plantation but at the farm, we grow more than just coffee; corn, beans, avocados, and hops are also harvested here.


How are coffee producers in Brazil adapting to the realities of climate change?

Brazilian producers are taking even more steps to protect the environment, with many of them having started an irrigation system on their farms. 


What does the future of coffee look like for producers in Brazil? 

I see clearly, as the most developed country for growing coffee.


What do you do when it’s off season in coffee?

During my vacations, I enjoy travelling with my family and my girlfriend. We also take time to visit our farm where we can ride horses and have barbecues together.


What are your personal ambitions for the future?

Grow our coffee business. 


How do people enjoy their cup in Brazil?

The people of Brazil have a great appreciation for coffee, and consistently strive for higher quality in their coffee.


What would you like to say for those brewing and drinking your coffee all over the world?

It is a great pleasure and a great source of pride to see our coffee being enjoyed around the world. We put so much passion and dedication into the coffee we produce, it is our life. To see our coffee in some of the best places in the world is extremely rewarding. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who brew and roast our coffee - we appreciate your passion and dedication for our product.

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