Steff our new champ of the sales and business development department!

Welcome to our team Steff!

We are excited to announce that Steff has joined our team in the Sales and Business Development department!

He will be taking care of our wholesale partners and providing support and training. He will be present in our Swansea and Cardiff runs! 

We asked him a few questions!

When did your love for coffee begin and how?

My love for coffee goes back to when I was 13 years old at a sports bar in Brittany. I was dared by some friends on the trip to try an espresso. I couldn't back down. The espresso tasted like cigarette smoke and an ash tray and since then I've been hooked. (I also thought the men outside wearing suits, reading papers and sipping on their espressos looked cool too - haha)

How did you first hear about Coaltown?

I was first told of Coaltown by a previous boss of mine. I gathered a bunch of friends and we drove down to Ammanford not sure what to expect. We were blown away when we arrived. It led me to meeting Scott which then led me to persuading my bosses to swap the coffee in the Harbourmaster Hotel and purchasing a new machine and grinder. Since then I've been a raving fan.

What made you join?

The Vision: Bring industry back to post industrial towns!

What is your job role, and what makes you enjoy it?

In a nut shell my role is to support and develop business for Coaltown Coffee and all our wholesale partners. I enjoy helping all our wholesale partners out, whether it's helping them re-figure there espresso bar set up to make it work and flow efficiently or dropping off an emergency order because they've had a busy week and they need a re-stock.

What do you spend your free time with?

I'm a big fan of any physical activity especially running and going to the gym. It allows me then to go to a nice coffee shop, order a long black and eat two cakes without feeling guilty - haha!

Tell us about your achievement representing Great Britain in canoe slalom?

I was fortunate to be selected to go and represent Great Britain in Australia and Brazil at the U23 World Championships. In Australia we won silver in the mens team races. I also believe my time as an athlete is really when my LEAN journey began without realising it.

What is your background - when did you get into hospitality, what made you enjoy it and stay in the industry?

I started working in hospitality at the age of 14 at the Harbourmaster Hotel and have never left the industry (the abundant amount of brownies, cakes and chips I could eat helped) but the main aspect was I loved meeting and making new relationships with customers who would travel from all over the country to come stay and eat with us. 

Do you prefer to make plans or be spontaneous?

I'm becoming more of a planner since I've left working hospitality management. It's so much easier to plan now. 

Your favourite brew process with your favourite blend or single origin?

Love an aeropress first thing in the morning with a juicy Ethiopian single origin coffee. 

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