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k30 Air

the K30 Air is a fully automatic espresso coffee grinder with a digital programmer to guarantee the perfect grind ever time.

no guess work, no waste.


1.5kg hopper capacity

stepless grind adjustment

65mm burrs

available in black, white & silver


The new Air Version of the k30 increases total daily output and lowers temperature of ground coffee. A fan at the back of the grinder increases and cools the air circulation around the motor and minimises the heat transmission from the motor to the disc casing. Thereby the ground coffee temperature remains below 50°C even in peak hours which saves the aroma in the cup.

The origional K30 Vario Grinder was Winner of the Red-Dot-Design Award 2005 and the k30 air is the next chapter within this successful range


Stepless Grind Adjustment: K30 air features stepless grind adjustment allowing the user complete control over the size of the grind.

Quiet Performance: Another characteristic of the K30 Vario is the quiet performance- this is a grinder you can actually have a conversation near.

Cool Grinding : Thanks to its new flow optimized high precision cutting discs that guarantee gentle and cool grinding, thereby preserving the coffee's unique aromatic oils.


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