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Finca Serbia

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A still active volcano in the west of the country, Ilamatepec (the local name of the Santa Ana volcano) does not only provide a rich and fertile soil, but also a microclimate with dry winters and warm summers in a country dominated by tropical weather. Not surprising that coffee has been widely cultivated as early as the 19th century and fueled the Salvadorian economy for years.

Located in El Congo, south of Santa Ana and near to the Lake Coatepeque, Finca Servia was founded back in 1930. Coffee has been its primary activity since its foundation. The farm cultivates coffee under shade trees, and has recently extended the varieties of the shade trees to cedars, oaks, and balsam in order to combat climate change. Those big and tall trees offer wider protection from the more and more intense summer sun. In addition to renewing the shade trees, Finca Serbia has also renewed several of its coffee trees more than ten years ago with leaf-rust resistant varieties. This strategy has paid off: while Central America has been hit by a wide laf rust pandemic in 2012, Finca Serbia were somehow spared.

Finca Serbia belongs today to Fernando Lima, alongside several other farms and the Balcanes Mill. The wet mill is located on the premises of Finca Serbia, which is perfect during harvest!

Taste Notes:

Caramac, Stroop Waffle, Cacao Nibs






1000 masl

Finca Serbia Sale price£13.00

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