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Jenkin Jones Subscription

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Jenkin Jones is the name we gave to our decaffeinated single origin. It is a gesture to a Welsh coal baron Jenkin B. Jones, who travelled from Glyn Neath to America in 1863 to make his fortune in the prolific anthracite coalfields of eastern Pennsylvania.

Our Jenkin Jones is a regional blend from Minas Gerais called Happy Capybara decaf, and is processed using the water-ae decaffeination process.

Brazil, Happy Capybara

In terms of area, Minas Gerais is the 4th largest state in Brazil, but when it comes to Arabica cultivation, the region is the most important in the country. It produces about 74% of Brazil’s total coffee volume.

Fabio Junior - “In all my works I put a little bit of myself and this one was no different. For me happiness has more to do with the simple things in our lives, like a cup of coffee in the morning on a rainy day, a family lunch, a warm bed waiting for you in the end of a very tiring and hard day... And of course, good music... Those little pleasures of life, you know? And the music for me is very special because love to listen while I do something, it makes me happy. And her (the capybara) face is very happy, exactly the expression we make when we realise that these little moments make our lives so happy.”- Fabio Junior

Taste Notes:

Chocolate, Sweet, Citrus


Water EA


Catuai, Mundo Novo


900 MASL


Jenkin Jones Subscription Sale price£10.50

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