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Fazenda Do Salto

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producer: Otávio Reis

A family owned farm, with a history that goes back 100 years!

The name of the farm is related to the other passion of the family, namely horses. ‘Salto’ means ‘Jump’ in Portuguese and the family achieved many prizes in competitions.

Otávio’s parents have been in the coffee business for over a century so coffee was in his blood even before he was born. Otávio and the team have developed a static drying technique which they believe helps develop flavour, body and aromas in the cup. Fazenda Do Salto has stuck to its traditions in coffee processing, although the farm is run like any modern company. This extremely organised, structured farm uses all the experience gathered through generations, and is highly mechanized for producing specialty grade coffee. They have 14 Rotative dryers at the farm where semi dried cherries go in at 20-25% moisture content to reduce additional fermentation in the process. this also combines efficiency of speed and consistency throughout the process. At fazenda do salto Almost all of the energy is generated from natural methods, either solar energy or through recycled by-products from the farm itself.








1,000 - 1,200 masl

roast profile:


taste notes:

Cacao Nibs, Hazelnut, Bakers Chocolate


Grind Setting: fine

extraction Time: 28 - 30 seconds

dose / yield: 18g / 36g

Fazenda Do Salto Brazil Single Origin Coffee
Fazenda Do Salto Sale price£11.00

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