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Coaltown Wildflower Honey

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Gwenyn Maes Chwarel, Welsh for "Quarry Field Bees".

Gwenyn Maes Chwarel bees live and thrive in an old Quarry Field in Carmarthenshire, kept by bee-keeping expert Dave Whiteley. It sits at the edge of a genuinely stunning meadow on Penlan Farm near Carmarthen. There, shielded by woodland, lies a secluded bluebell-strewn haven, where Gwenyn Maes Chwarel, The Quarry Field Bees, blissfully make his small batch single source honey.

Delicious Gwenyn Maes Chwarel honey is only made by Gwenyn Maes Chwarel bees. They do not blend, compromise, or make extravagant claims. Their small batch single source honey is simply as pure, natural, and authentic a Welsh delicacy as came from the kitchen gardens of our great-grandparents.

340g Wildflower Honey

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