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Aeropress Coffee Maker - Clear

Sale price£54.99

The Aeropress is an iconic piece of coffee making equipment that allows you to make smooth, delicious coffee in no time. Thanks to its lightweight design it can be transported easily, and it's a versatile bit of kit as you can make espresso or filter coffee in under two minutes.

Lovingly designed, the Aeropress utilises temperature, immersion and rapid filtering to brew coffee that is high in flavour and low in acidity. All you need to do is boil the kettle, pour in water, let it brew and then plunge. This will push the water over the coffee, through the filter and into whatever vessel you've put under the Aeropress. It's then really easy to clean as it just requires removing the coffee puck and filter and rinsing.

The Aeropress is eco-friendly; it utilises compostable paper filters and, as it is manually brewed, the only energy consumed is through heating your water.

The Aeropress consists of a mixer chamber, filter cap and plunger, and comes with 350 filters, a filter holder, funnel, stir stick, coffee scoop and instructions.
Aeropress Coffee Maker - Clear
Aeropress Coffee Maker - Clear Sale price£54.99

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