Buddug's Summer Cold Brew Recipe

At the height of the great British summer, a hot brew of your favourite coffee may not sound quite as refreshing, especially when the sun has his hat on and all the windows are on maximum reach!

But fear not! we have the perfect recipe to turn your favourite brew into a cool and refreshing delight! Join the Cold Brew movement as your go to summer beverage!

Step 1: Grind

Start by grinding 55g of your favourite coffee to a medium coarse grind similar to French press, and add to your cold brew bottle coffee chamber.

Step 2: Bloom

Bring your kettle to the boil and gently saturate the coffee with 60g of water. let this bloom for 30 seconds and then discard of this water.

Step 3: Add Water

Add 750ml of water to your cold brew bottle so your coffee is totally submerged and place this in your refrigerator over night for 8 hours.

Step 4: Serve

Remove the coffee chamber or decant into your carafe. serve your cold brew over ice in your favourite glass and enjoy.

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