Llaeth Beynon Milk Dispenser

We’re so excited to announce that our Llaeth Beynon milk dispenser is finally here!

After months of planning, our industry-first milk fridge is here; offering unhomogenised dairy milk from just 8 miles away, our milk fridge has built-in churns that keep the milk fresh and delicious.

Llaeth Beynon is a dairy located on the outskirts of Hendy, Pontarddulais, and is run by the third generation of the Beynon-Thomas family. Their pedigree Holstein Friesian cows have a high health status, and the farm has been awarded the Red Tractor Accreditation and the Holstein Society’s Master Breeder Award.

The dairy is environmentally conscious, and state that sustainability is at the heart of what they do; one of the biggest ways in which they ensure their practice is environmentally friendly is by pasteurising their milk on-site rather than sending it elsewhere, therefore reducing food miles.

They also package all of their milk in reusable glass bottles and have set up vending machines where you can take your own container to be filled up with farm-fresh milk.

We’re really excited about our milk fridge as it dispenses milk straight into the pitcher, minimising waste by getting rid of the need for packaging at all.

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These guys are absolutely amazing! They have such a wide array of delicious seasonal coffee and their house blends are great as well. They pay their farmers fairly and are a registered B-corp so they provide back to the community. I could not recommend them enough!

Russell JD