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Article: A Christmas Story By Coaltown Coffee – Part 2

A Christmas Story By Coaltown Coffee – Part 2

A Christmas Story By Coaltown Coffee – Part 2

Pull up a chair, grab the popcorn and your favourite Christmas Jumper—this one’s a blockbuster! This was filmed in-house with zero budget just like last year, putting on our best Spielberg impression. It's become a bit of a Christmas tradition! We hope you enjoy.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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thank you for teleporting me home to the amman valley – hiraeth on hold! Bit worried about that car, though. May i recommend arwel jones motors on pontaman road? Nadolig llawen i bawb!
janet and andy

Janet WYNNE Evans

Absolutely brilliant sentiment and featuring our special girl. Let’s all be kind this Christmas

Anita and Barrie

I loved the video. Kindness is everything, especially as we deal with life during the pandemic. And I love the coffee!!!

Jane Ballard

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