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Learn About Our Coffee

Want to learn more about coffee? take a look at our educational articles and become a coffee expert.

Expand your coffee knowledge

coffee is more than just a drink. It’s a culture, an economy, an art, a science. Immerse yourself in our ever increasing range of coffee articles and turn yourself into a coffee expert.

Coffee Tasting Notes

We often get asked about the tasting notes of our delicious Coffee. When people read the words “milk chocolate” or “Nutty” on a bag of Black Gold, or “honey” and “dried fruits” on a bag of Anthracite, there’s sometimes a misconception that we’ve added flavouring to our Coffee beans. So, in this article, we’ll be talking about what tasting notes are and how they work.

Choose Your Coffee Grind

Look no further; from whole bean to espresso we have got you covered. Take a look at our handy guide on selecting the best grind size for your brew method, ensuring the perfect cup every time.

Coffee Roasting

We Roast all of our coffee daily from our Roastery in Ammanford using two Probat Roasters; a 12kg roaster for single origins and small batches, and a custom restored GG75 for our house blends and more popular coffees.

How to Compost Your Coffee Bag

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we've partnered up with Grounded Packaging to create bags that are fully home compostable.

If you're not sure what to do with your bags once you've finished enjoying our coffee, take a look at our guide on composting.


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