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Article: SCA Design Lab Awards 2019

SCA Design Lab Awards 2019

SCA Design Lab Awards 2019

We have been lucky enough to have our roastery featured amongst some incredible coffee focused spaces showcased as part of the Design Awards at the 2019 Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Expo in Boston Massachusetts's and the only UK contender!

What Is Design Lab?

Coffee and design go hand work hand in hand and plays a huge part in modern coffee culture. The design lab is here to showcase some up and coming new brand and or spaces designated to uniting both design and coffee in a new way.

Below are the SCA descriptors for each catagory.

  • Category: Vessels Design Lab Vessels explores some of the most charming and original designs for anything you drink coffee from – paper cups, travel mugs, ceramics, glassware etc. Have you or your business created something beautiful in the past twelve months? We'd like to see it.
  • Category: Spaces The Design Lab Spaces exhibit showcases incredible retail, education, and production environments designed for coffee. Have you built a beautiful space in the past twelve months? We'd like to see it.

  • Category: Packaging Design Lab Packaging identifies some of the most compelling coffee packaging designs from the past year. Has your company created new packaging or updated an old design in the past twelve months? We'd like to see it.

  • Category: Brand New for 2019, this category is about recognising the brands, identities and visual environments that companies in coffee use to stand out. It’s about the logos, the style guides, the stationery, the posters, the flyers, the digital comms - anything and everything that's not the product itself or the space. Submissions should include logo files, style guides, and up to three high-res examples of the brand in-use on promotional assets, not including products or vessels.

Design Lab Coffee Expo 2019

The overall winner of "Spaces" category are Greater Good Coffee Roasters!

What Is The World Coffee Exbo?

The coffee exbo is an industry focused event where coffee professionals and enthusiast travel from around the world to meet others within the industry as well as participate in a number of seminars such as the RE;CO symposium and events focused around the ever evolving coffee industry.

It is also the stage for the covered World Barista Competition where winners from each competing country battle it out to be the overall Winner. This year Jooyeon Join from South Korea won the title.

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