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Welcome to Y Shed, a charming cafe nestled in Gowerton, right next to the golf course. Here, you can enjoy delicious brunches and lunches paired with our Coaltown Coffee. We recently spent some time soaking in the cozy atmosphere and had a delightful chat with Sophie, the owner, who shared her passion for creating a welcoming space for all.

Here is what Sophie had to say:

What Inspires You?

Creating a space that continues to grow and adapt to the current needs of our community is what truly inspires me. It's about building a welcoming environment where everyone feels at home.


In Terms of Being Inspired by Cities; Is There Any One Place You Feel Inspires You?

I lived in Dublin for six years, and the city left a lasting impression on me. Anywhere you walked, you could pop into a coffee shop, with many fabulous places to try and hang out in. It was the vibrant coffee culture of Dublin that inspired me greatly.

What Made You Want to Open Y Shed?

When I was playing rugby, after early morning training, a bunch of us would go for coffee and breakfast before work or meet up for brunch or lunch to catch up and debrief. Socialising was one of our favourite things to do during the season. When I was planning on moving to Wales, there weren't any opportunities to get a job in sport, so I decided to speak to a few coffee shop owners in Dublin and prepare to open a place when I moved over.


What Made You Choose Coaltown?

I spent about six months researching what coffee I would like to serve. I stumbled across Coaltown on a trip to Ammanford and instantly fell in love with it. I like the story behind Coaltown, Scott and the team are very knowledgeable and helpful.


What Do You Love the Most About What You Do?

It's a very social job. I enjoy talking to people and making connections, I feel that's what keeps people coming back to us. Customers feel valued in a space where they can be open and comfortable.

What Do You Love the Most About Your Location?

We have a very accessible location on the way to Gower. We are situated between a number of little towns and villages, which is lovely as it brings together various communities in one place.


Describe Your Relationship with Coffee in Three Words:

- Energised: Coffee provides a great boost for me, balancing running a business and looking after two small children.

- Relaxed: I love having the opportunity to sit and reflect over a nice warm cup of coffee.

- Socialise: Coffee gave me the chance to socialise with friends despite a busy training and work schedule.

What's Your Go-To Coffee Order?

A flat white is always a firm favourite.


What's Your Favourite Coffee Shop You've Ever Visited?

During our honeymoon tour of Australia, one of my musts was to visit as many coffee shops as possible. I don't remember the name, but I absolutely adored this place in Brisbane. It had a great community vibe, with sharing tables and great music.


How Do You Brew Coffee at Home?

I have a cafetiere at home, but if I'm honest, most of my coffee needs are met at Y Shed or by visiting other coffee spots whenever I get the chance.

As a Business, What Are You Most Excited About Right Now or in the Future?

The summer is fast approaching, and we are hosting two summer evening pop-up events which we are very excited about. We're planning a Meat Wagon night with a deep south vibe and a Mexican night, both to be enjoyed with some alcoholic refreshments in the evening.

Thank you for joining us in this insightful conversation with Sophie. We hope you enjoyed learning more about the inspirations and stories behind Y Shed. Definitely make the trip to their coffee shop, you can then experience firsthand the warmth, community, and excellent coffee that we are so passionate about.

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