The People Behind Foundry Road – Piero Mariani


Pierio is a legend. His fabrication shop in Capel Hendre, Ammanford is not only a workspace, but a treasure trove of antiques and heritage items.

We have worked with Piero for a very long time; he has helped us realise our signature counter designs for both the Espresso Bar and Roastery which are now in place at both sites.

Piero is of Italian decent. His Mother and Father are originally from the East and West coasts of Italy and met whilst travelling from their homeland to the UK after the Second World War.

Piero has been in fabrication for 25 years and fell into the trade after working with his wife's Father. He then set up The Fab Shop, originally specialising in office furniture.

Now, Piero's passion lies in heritage work, restoring vintage items to their prime, and forging replacement pieces. He has restored many items for the National Trust and CADW.


His workshop is full of antiques and vintage items; he's even restored a 1970s Volkswagen Bug and Camper himself.

He even let me have a shot at driving the Bug!

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These guys are absolutely amazing! They have such a wide array of delicious seasonal coffee and their house blends are great as well. They pay their farmers fairly and are a registered B-corp so they provide back to the community. I could not recommend them enough!

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