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Article: Becoming B Corp!

Becoming B Corp!

Becoming B Corp!

Exciting News! Coaltown Coffee has officially become one of the first B Corp certified coffee companies in the UK.

Now, what does that mean?

Becoming B Corp certified means that we are prioritising environmental and social responsibility through every aspect of our business. To keep it simple, we are committed to dedicating just as much to our social and environmental impact as we are to our financials. That means everything, from our packaging and processing to our coffee experts and front of house teams. Transparency and accountability are key, and in truth, always has been for us—B Corp just helps us keep this promise.

Coaltown was founded with the idea to bring back an industry to the former coal mining town of Ammanford, South Wales, with the aim to help lower the high unemployment levels and lack of prospects in the area.

Becoming a B-Corp company will assist us in achieving this. Founded in the USA in 2006, B Lab firmly believes that the worlds biggest problems cannot be solved purely by non-profit organisations and governments. They believe that utilising a for-profit company’s power can mean a much greater impact on the local, and much wider, community and environment. Coaltown, and 2,000 organisations across the globe, believe this too.

Certification involves focus (and an assessment) on 5 specific areas: Governance, Community, Workers, Environment and Customers, with a specific score on the assessment required. It was not only our day-to-day workings that were under scrutiny during this process, but our business model too, and we are now held to a higher standard of moral and legal accountability. Becoming B Corporation Certified can take a while, and trust us when we say it did, but we are certain that it was more than worth it.

Originally ‘Benefit’, the ‘B’ in B Corp can stand for many things, but we like to think it stands for ‘better’, as a constant reminder that we at Coaltown are striving to become a better organisation for the community and the world. And now, we can proudly state that we are dedicated to being a better company, ensuring the highest environmental and social standards.

So, we are the same little company that you’ve always known and loved—just better!

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