World Chocolate Day: Iced Mocha Recipe

To celebrate world chocolate day, we've decided to share with you our iced mocha recipe.  

Iced mochas are a classic; refreshing and delicious, they're perfect for a hot day like today.  

To make ours, we used Koko deluxe drinking chocolate and our Brazilian single origin Fazenda De Mata; with notes of milk chocolate, almond and brown sugar, how could we not?    

Iced mocha in a compostable takeaway cup

You will need:

  • Fresh coffee
  • Espresso machine
  • Scales
  • A coffee grinder OR coffee pre-ground to Espresso grind
  • Ice
  • A glass or cup
  • Cocoa powder
  • Milk 


1. Grind and weigh 18g of fresh coffee.

2. Pull a single shot of espresso. 

Espresso shots being poured

3. Mix one teaspoon of cocoa powder into the espresso until smooth.

4. Steam milk of your choice and pour over ice.

Steamed milk being poured over ice by our espresso bar team leader, Rhia

5. Pour your mocha mix into the milk. 

6. Enjoy! 


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