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Article: Home Brewing Recipe: Hario V60 Dripper

Home Brewing Recipe: Hario V60 Dripper
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Home Brewing Recipe: Hario V60 Dripper

There are a great range of pour-over brewers out there for coffee lovers to choose from. For the purpose of this blog post however, I have chosen to use a Hario V60 dripper. This method brews by percolation, meaning that a delicious coffee is achieved by allowing water to pass slowly through the coffee grounds, extracting great flavour along the way. The Hario V60 dripper is easy to use, and uses paper filters to separate any unwanted oils and sediments from your coffee, leaving you with a bright, clean-tasting resulting brew. 

Although not essential, to make a great cup of coffee with your dripper we recommend that you prepare it with a long-spouted pouring kettle. The rate at which you add water to your coffee grounds can drastically change the outcome of your brew. Using a kettle like this and pouring very evenly and slowly will give you a lot more control over your pour, and will ultimately allow you to get the best out of your coffee.

How to grind for your hario v60 dripper
We recommend that you grind quite finely for this brew method. It's pretty tricky to measure your grind at home and to keep it consistent, so it's a good idea to mix up your technique and try lots of different styles until you find a grind you like. Any of our Single Origin coffees will work beautifully with this method.

wetting your hario v60 filter paper

Step One

Preheat your dripper and cup with hot water and dispose when you have your desired temperature.

weight your coffee for v60

Step Two

Weigh out 20g of ground coffee for every 300ml of water.

Step Three

Place a paper filter in the dripper and pour in the ground coffee. Place your dripper on top of your warm mug.

Step Four

Bloom the grounds by gently and slowly pouring a 40ml of hot water onto the coffee in your dripper. The grounds will absorb the water and expand for around 30-40 seconds. Blooming your coffee like this will add a lot more depth to your brew.

hario v60 filter coffee extraction

Step Five

Slowly pour in the rest of your water in a circular motion, avoiding the sides of the filter.

Step Six

Once you have poured the desired amount of water, remove the dripper and filter.

Step Seven

Drink and enjoy!

enyoy your hario v60 filter coffee 

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