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Article: Chasing The Light

Chasing The Light

Chasing The Light

Coffee products for spring.

Yearning for that elusive spring weather? so are we! We've gathered a roundup of products for the season ahead. 

A season for renewal and growth, a transition from the cold of winter to the vibrant summer months. There's something special about a spring walk with comfy boots and a warm cup of coffee. A delicious cup of coffee can make any spring walk even more enjoyable. Whether its a classic espresso, a creamy latte, or a flavourful cold brew, there's something about the combination of coffee and nature that just feels right.

If you want to take a look at our full Chasing the Light range for Spring 2024 then check out our must haves below.

1. Bloom - £12.50

After enduring a long, wet winter, rejoice in the arrival of spring with this year's Bloom Seasonal Origin. Straight from the heart of East Africa, this year's Bloom offers fragrant notes of orange blossom and fresh apricot, enhanced by a rich sweetness reminiscent of ripe red plums.
Let this brew be your beacon of warmth and renewal as we slowly bid farewell to damp, cold days and welcome what will hopefully be a vibrant, sunny season ahead!



 2. Aeropress Clear - £54.99

The Aeropress is an iconic piece of coffee making equipment that allows you to make smooth, delicious coffee in no time. Thanks to its lightweight design it can be transported easily, and it's a versatile bit of kit as you can make espresso or filter coffee in under two minutes.

The perfect size to fit in your bag for a spring walk, a chance to recharge with a quick espresso before continuing your journey.



3. Black Gold Subscription -  from £9.50

Black Gold is the coffee that started everything. Our first blend, this seasonal espresso was created to be an approachable crowd-pleaser, and it soon became the foundation of everything we do at the Roastery.

Black Gold is hand-roasted to just beyond first crack to give it a rich espresso zing while still retaining the natural flavours gained at origin. Its rich chocolate and biscuit base make it very drinkable. It’s a post-blended coffee, currently made up of Fazenda de Mata, Finca Serbia and Roberto Ortiz. 

Complete subscription control. Skip, pause or change your subscription product when ever you choose.Complete subscription control. Skip, pause or change your subscription product when ever you choose.



4. Wales First independent Coffee Guide - £9.99

From Cardiff to Carmarthen, Llandudno to Llandeilo, discover 88 top-north specialty coffee shops, cafes, roasteries and trainers.

Don't leave coffee experiences to chance! Plan that Spring adventure with friends and family. Remember to take your time, savor each coffee experience and embrace the beauty of spring wherever the Indy Coffee Guide Wales takes you. You can be confident that every flat white, espresso, and batch brew you sip will be worth your precious caffeine quota.



5. MIIR X Coaltown French Press- £120.00

The New Standard French Press is built with the best possible brew in mind. Over-extracted flavors? Over-brewed coffee? A thing of the past. Keep sediment out of your cup so all you're tasting is clean notes of perfectly brewed coffee.
The quick-release grounds basket easily pops out of the press, so you can dial your brew time down to the second. as it's made from fully insulated stainless steel, you can take your time enjoying your morning cup. With its sealable top, the New Standard French Press keeps coffee hot for hours at a time. 



6.Rural Kind X Coaltown Haversack - £185

This locally made heavyweight Scottish 22oz waxed canvas bag is Inspired by a 1940s World War II Haversack owned by Scott's great grandad; This bag has been handmade in collaboration with local bag maker Mike, founder of Rural Kind.

The conception of this bag was to create a modern-day equivalent to the hard-wearing canvas Haversacks miners used to take down mine shafts containing their lunch, sometimes accompanied by a tin mug hanging from its side. 

The haversack has been scaled to contain a bag of coffee, Aeropress, coffee scale, and grinder. The adjustable compression makes the internal dimensions scaleable depending on its chosen use. And it doesn’t just work as a travel coffee bag.. use it as a travel lunch bag, somewhere to store your coffee for your walk or just a regular day-to-day shoulder bag.

The bag's rugged design will last years to come.



7. Comandante C40 Nitro Blade Grinder - £275

The Comandante C40 Nitro Blade Grinder is a sleek, robust hand burr grinder that is built ergonomically to give you high-quality fresh ground coffee. Its made from stainless steel, BPA-free polymer-glass and 100% natural oak.
Elevate your adventure coffee experience with this beautifully designed and enjoyable to use hand grinder that allows you to finely tune your preferred grind size using a simple dial on the bottom of the grinder. 
The Comandante C40 Nitro Blade Grinder gives you a sense of freedom, pop it in your bag with your favourite coffee and enjoy those adventurous spring days! 



8. Hario V60 Immersion Dripper - £75.00

The Hario Immersion V60 Set is a go-between for both drip and immersion methods: the perfect way to experiment with factors like body and sweetness, by toggling contact time and extraction levels.
Lovingly crafted in Japan, the set includes a glass V60 with a detachable silicone base and stop tap, for adjusting your flow rate and contact time; a Hario borosilicate server for easy brewing, and filter papers.



9. Coaltown Academy Workshops £90.00

The Espresso Fundamentals Workshop is perfect for those looking to expand their coffee knowledge and delve into the theory of espresso recipes, coffee origins, and brewing basics.
The course is ideal for home coffee enthusiasts with a domestic espresso setup looking to strengthen their core knowledge of coffee basics, with the addition of two top-up courses available to include a filter coffee foundation workshop and latte art foundation workshop.



 10. MIIR X Coaltown VI Tumbler  £35.00

Grab and never let go of our Tumbler. With a hand feel known to make hearts skip a beat, it draws eyes with an understated silhouette and glorious powder coat finish. Fitting comfortably in cupholders and daily routines alike, the Tumbler flexes to any beverage you fancy while impressively maintaining its temperature.

Available in 12oz and 6oz sizes. Laser engraved with Coaltown Branding


There are endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors during this vibrant season. So go chase the light with your favourite brew and enjoy the views this season has to offer. 


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