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BWT Digital Aquameter

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BWT bestmax PREMIUM with its AromaPLUS formula, is an innovative filtration system for water optimisation in the food service sector. A ground-breaking innovation, BWT bestmax PREMIUM adds minerals to the water using the flavour carrier Mg2+   to achieve the full taste of coffee, tea or cocoa. Mg2+-enriched water can be enjoyed on its own, as it is particle-free and odourless, and its balanced mineral content makes it a pleasant-tasting drink. BWT’s bestmax PREMIUM filter balances the minerals in the water, buffers the pH value and produces a firm espresso crema.

This size of cartridge will suit a coffee shop producing 500+ coffees a day. This will vary depending on use. But if you do 750 coffees a day in London it will need to be changed every 75 working days. We always recommend purchasing the Digital Meter to monitor use. If you are not sure of your water hardness let us know after your purchase your postcode and we will let you know your capacity and setting for the Digital Meter.

BWT Digital Aquameter
BWT Digital Aquameter Sale price£101.21

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