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Article: Turning our vision into reality while brewing real dreams: The journey to creating our second Espresso Bar in Pontarddulais.

Turning our vision into reality while brewing real dreams: The journey to creating our second Espresso Bar in Pontarddulais.

Turning our vision into reality while brewing real dreams: The journey to creating our second Espresso Bar in Pontarddulais.

We’re here to share the journey of bringing our second Espresso Bar to life.

From the very beginning, it's been a rollercoaster ride filled with enthusiasm, hard work, and a whole lot of love. We want to take you on a heartwarming journey through the process of creating our special place, filled with gratitude for the amazing team that made it all possible.

It all started with an empty space, a blank canvas, and a whole lot of possibilities. Gordon and Richard rolled up their sleeves, picked up their tools, and started building. First, they had to put up the walls in between the main seating area and the bar, quite literally! That was the first step of creating an inviting space where today you can enjoy the coffee we roast just a few miles away.

With the walls in place, it was time to make the space truly ours. Painting the walls was the real first step to make it look like one of ours, a Coaltown Espresso Bar.

Precision was key along the way!

One of our founders Gordon, made sure that everything was considered especially when it came to designing the seats, the bar counter and all the metal doors. He spent hours measuring, re-measuring, and ensuring every dimension was perfect. The bar and seating layout had to be just right to create the ambience that we imagined. Our unique seating by the wall with the fixed granite tables were handcrafted by our friends Cymru Campers in Ammanford.

Choosing the countertop material was a crucial decision. We went for granite, a material that not only added a touch of elegance but also promised durability. Prostone has been with us from the beginning, a very precise team working with exceptional quality materials. The lights along the wall, just like our ACME cups, were handpicked to enhance the overall classy experience.

One of the most exciting aspects of the process was selecting the designs that are now the main features of our walls. Our founder Scott’s great friend Christian, or you might know him as 1924us, came up with some unique designs that have been hand painted by Nick the Signpainter over several days; it was an amazing experience to photograph and watch! You can also see a time lapse of the main design being painted on the feature wall in the seating area. We wanted our espresso bar to be more than just a coffee shop, we wanted it to be a work of art that’s timeless and still connected to the roots of Coaltown where our vision and purpose runs so deep.

The creative team was very excited to bring those visions to life, and their dedication and talent truly shine through! We also wanted to bring a touch of nature indoors. Opening up space for plants added a vibrant and fresh element to the space.

As the pieces of the puzzle came together, we couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude.

Our team poured their hearts and souls into every aspect of this project. It wasn't just about creating an espresso bar, it was about creating a space filled with love, where every detail was thoughtfully chosen to enhance the customer experience.

Today, as we stand in our completed Espresso Bar, we can't help but smile. It's more than just a coffee shop it's a place where we can't wait to welcome you each and every day. We want you to feel the warmth and passion that went into every decision, every brushstroke, and every cup of coffee we serve.

The past month has been an incredible ride, and we couldn't have asked for a better community to share it with.

The opening party was an absolute blast! We were overjoyed to see so many familiar faces amongst our regulars and a warm welcome extended to all the new customers from Pontarddulais and nearby areas who joined us in celebrating this significant milestone within our business.

The sense of friendship and shared excitement in the air on that evening was something truly special!

The delicious food provided by our friends at Pitchfork & Provision was enjoyed, not to mention the bottomless craft beers poured by Jason that kept us all quenched! Of course, we can't talk about our journey without mentioning the heart and soul of our espresso bar, the coffee machine! We had an energising and endless queue of coffees that kept us on our toes made to perfection by our Director Josh, and we loved every minute of it.

There's nothing quite like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of steaming milk on the first day of a brand new venue.

We're grateful that you've chosen to share these moments with us.

But the biggest thank you of all goes out to you, our amazing customers. Your support, love, and patience have been nothing short of incredible. We appreciate every visit you've made to both of our locations, and we're touched by the warm community that's formed around our espresso bars.

So here's to you, thank you for making our first month unforgettable, we can't wait to share many more cups of coffee, delicious cakes, pastries, and heartwarming moments with you!

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