Our success will be the result of the relentless pursuit of a culture. Success isn't accidental. It's due to the persistent pursuit of a culture anchored in respect and cooperation.

The meaning of culture and creating culture in business.

In the business context, 'culture' isn't just a buzzword.

Company culture starts with the people. Many even describe it as made up of all of the life experiences each employee brings to the organisation.

The culture of the company is the personality and the heart of it all. Developing and creating a culture in a business helps to define the company's values, beliefs, and goals. It's a mosaic of the experiences each team member brings to our organisation. It shapes our values, goals, and conduct, directing how we interact, communicate, and complete tasks. It impacts our relationships with colleagues and customers, and influences our work methodology.

What is lean culture?


Lean culture is a type of company culture that focuses on continuous improvement, which refers to the optimisation of an organisation's protocols and processes regularly.

The meaning of Lean in Coaltown.

Now, onto the 'Lean' culture we keep talking about. Lean is a continuous improvement strategy. It aims to optimise our processes day in, day out.

Our team at Coaltown practice lean culture every day. We believe that constant evaluation, monitoring, and striving for perfection are the key components to success. We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves and our product to ensure that our customers get the best outcomes. All of our efforts are made with the intention to remain open to change and self-improvement while becoming a world class Specialty Coffee Roastery.

Ways the team implement Lean culture into our daily lives at the Roastery.

Lean culture promotes transparency, respect for customer needs and a commitment to continuous improvement, which can lead to greater innovation and a greater sense of accomplishment. Practicing Lean culture everyday can go a long way towards creating a more efficient and productive workplace. It is about reducing waste and maximising efficiency, and by adopting this way of thinking and working in our daily lives, we can create an environment of sustained success in every department within our Roastery.

“What” does coffee mean to us?

At Coaltown, coffee is more than just a product, it’s a way of life. At the heart of Coaltown is our commitment to lean culture and continuous improvement. We strive to provide the best specialty coffee, wholesale partnership, barista training, overall experience and hospitality to give our customers the world class experience.

In the words of Fujio Cho, (Honorary chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation):
"First we build people, then we build cars."
At Coaltown, we've adapted this philosophy, and it goes like this: "First we build people, then we brew exceptional coffee experiences."

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These guys are absolutely amazing! They have such a wide array of delicious seasonal coffee and their house blends are great as well. They pay their farmers fairly and are a registered B-corp so they provide back to the community. I could not recommend them enough!

Russell JD