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Article: Home Brewing Recipe: Chemex

Chemex filter coffee brew guide
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Home Brewing Recipe: Chemex

With the increasing demand for great coffee at home, Coaltown has seen a rise in people asking how we feel about alternative brew methods, and how they differ from more popular, traditional ways of making coffee.

Brewing your coffee in a cafetiere is great if you like a thicker, more robust brew in the morning, but brewing in a CHEMEX gives an astounding difference in body, flavour and aftertaste. Using a pouring kettle and CHEMEX gives you a lot more control over the brewing process, and leaves you with a much cleaner, brighter end product. Paper filters will ensure that you deliver an amazing cup of coffee, with no sediments, oils or bitter aftertastes. Investing in a CHEMEX therefore really allows you to diversify your home-brewing routines. In addition to this, the elegant design of the vessel makes for an aesthetically pleasing, multi-sensory experience! It ticks all the right boxes!

the Chemex

Step One

Weigh out 50g of coffee, and grind until it has a similar consistency to sea salt. 

Step Two

Place your paper filter in the top of the CHEMEX, and saturate with hot water. Discard the water through the spout when the vessel has warmed to your desired temperature.

Step Three

Pour your ground coffee into the filter, ensuring that it's evenly distributed. 

Step Four

Bloom the coffee by gently pouring 100g of water onto the grounds. Working your way outwards, pour in a circular motion, avoiding the sides of the filter. If you leave this for just under a minute, you'll notice that the coffee will expand and be evenly saturated.

Pouring your chemex coffee

Step Five

Begin to pour the rest of your water onto the coffee slowly, in 100g increments. Continue in a circular motion, avoiding the sides of the filter. Watch as the water drips through the grounds into the vessel.

It should take around 4 – 5 minutes for the brew to drip through the grounds entirely, leaving you with beautifully crafted coffee. Enjoy!

Enjoy your chemex coffee

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