We get it, it's been a while. The machine has been off and has gathered some dust since It was last used.

With reopening happening in a couple of days, it can feel bit daunting. What do I need to do to get my machine and grinder back up and running?! 

Well, we have put together this handy list to get your Espresso Machine into the flow of thing once again. (Recommend for La Marzocco Machine but can be translated to other Brands) 


Espresso Machine:


Before Switching on


  1. Replace water filter or flush though around five litres of water before turning the machine on.
  2. Check for mould, especially if the machine was not thoroughly cleaned before shut-down.  Problem areas include: 
  • In the drain box
  • Milk wands
  • Under diffusion screens 


Heating Up

  1. First turn on the water supply, then open one of the steam wands, then switch on the power at the wall and at the machine switch. 
  2. If your model has three switch positions, turn to 1 first, wait for five seconds (it might auto-fill), then switch to 2 
  3. Later models may require you to also press one of the keypad buttons to exit ‘Stand By’ mode. 
  4. You may hear the machine auto-fill at this point, if it needed to top up. Close the open steam wand once it’s done. 
  5. Stay nearby your machine during the 15 minute heating period.  Keep a lookout for any unusual leaks, hisses or burning smells.
    If you know what the vacuum-breaker valve is, check that it seals properly.  When working normally, it will release steam into the drain box for about 30 seconds as the steam boiler passes boiling point, then suddenly seal and stop hissing. 


Flushing & Seasoning

  1. Run all groups for at least two minutes, the careful not to overflow the drain box or waste bucket! 
  2. Open each steam wand for at least one minute – check that the steam smells clean, not tainted by old milk or water
  3. Empty at least two litres of water from the hot tap
  4. Back-flush with Puly Cafe or quartz cleaner twice
  5. Season the machine by dialing in your coffee,  brewing and discarding at least one espresso though each group. 

Thats it for the espresso machine, Onto the grinder!




  1. Its best to give the grinder a through clean and if you know how, clean the Burrs and shoot.

     2.  Discard 100g of fresh coffee through the grinder.

     3. Dial in your coffee

     4. You're ready to go.

Back to Normal?

A long idle period does make one or two issues more likely to crop up.  But don’t worry, if you're a Coaltown Wholesale Partner, we’re just a phone call away if you need advice. 


  • Jammed valves.  Sometimes a group head solenoid valve will stay shut even when you press go.  Switching the group on and off 10-20 times can sometimes be enough to put this right.
    Getting the blind-filter out and back flushing across all groups can also help. 


  • Blocked Restrictors.  If you notice imbalanced, low, or zero flow of water from the group heads, you may have a blocked flow restrictor, which will require a technician to investigate. 



If you would like to become a Coaltown Wholesale Partner hit this link! I hope this has been helpful, and good luck with reopening.


Good luck.


Coaltown Team