Coaltown Coffee Roasters

Coaltown Brewing Bible


The Coaltown Brew Bible is a pocket sized companion to getting the best out of your home filter brewing. The guide contains all the essential information for your home setup from dialing in the correct grind to achieving the correct extraction for each filter process. The centre pages includes a detailed taste flavour wheel for you to tune in your palette and gain a deeper understanding of the diverse range of notes coffee has to offer. The guides also has space to add your own notes for when it comes to perfecting your own recipes.

Covered in the Guide
  • Coaltown Purpose
  • Your Setup
  • Dialing In Your Grind
  • Extraction Stages
  • Coffee Taste Flavour Wheel
  • Brewing Chemex
  • Brewing French Press
  • Brewing Hario V60
  • Brewing Kalita Wave
  • Brewing Aeropress
  • Brew Note Pages In Rear

Made with nature in mind

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