Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada (Cocafcal) or Capucas as they are better known, is situated on and around the Celaque mountain, which is the highest peak in Honduras. Celaque means ‘box of water’ in the local Lenca language, and the mountain is the source for many rivers and streams. This coffee is produced and processed by families within the co-operative that have diversified incomes and, along with their coffee farms, also have bee hives.

Armadillo is grown under the shade of a variety of different trees, including plum, banana, pepeto and guama trees. These trees offer protection to the coffee trees from the elements, as well as providing extra diversified income to the farmers.

The coffee is harvested at its optimum ripeness and handed in at the cooperative, where it is processed the same day to maintain quality. First the cherries are pulped, then the anaerobic process is carried out. This process is requires controlled fermentation and is carried out at a specific temperature (no higher than 20 Celsius). This allows for the perfect flavour profile to be developed, and to be easily replicated.

Next the coffee is taken to solar dryers for drying. The coffee is then slowly dried for between 25 and 32 days. The length of time taken to dry the coffee depends on the weather, simply put the sunnier the weather, the faster the coffee dries.



Catuai, Caturra, Pacamara


Anaerobic Honey



1450 masl

roast profile:


taste notes:

Mango, Papaya, Passionfruit, Peach

Pour Over

pour over

Grind Setting: medium course

brew Time: 2 minutes (1 cup pour over)

Coffee / Water: 16g / 240L

French Press

french press

Grind Setting: Coarse

brew Time: 4 minutes

Coffee / Water: 65g / 1L



Grind Setting: Very Coarse

brew Time: 6-6 1/2 minutes (1L coffee)

Coffee / Water: 65g / 1L

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