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    Choosing to brew 100% Speciality Grade Arabica coffee is an investment. With the rise of the specialty coffee industry, the UK coffee market has seen a strengthening demand for hand-crafted speciality coffee served in an artisanal environment. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with provenance. They want to know exactly where their food comes from and how it was sourced. At Coaltown, we focus on quality, sustainability, freshness, transparency and fair relationships with the growers.



    Generally speaking, coffee can be placed into two different categories - speciality and commercial. Commercial coffees are known for being roasted in huge quantities and are often packed and marketed as recognised global brands. These coffees tend to be roasted darkly to ensure consistency of flavour. Whilst facilitating mass production, roasting in this way essentially destroys the unique flavours and qualities of the coffee beans, and replaces these with the bitter tastes that are more traditionally associated with the beverage. Commercial coffees are also roasted in large production facilities, and are packaged and stored in warehouses for months prior to being shipped to wholesalers and retailers. 

    On the other hand, we have speciality coffee. This industry focuses on roasting in smaller batches in order to showcase and unearth the unique qualities and natural sweetness of specific coffees. In a similar approach to the wine industry; growing regions, varietals, and farms are revered in the speciality coffee industry. With this, the aim is to educate, add a degree of sophistication, and improve the overall coffee drinking experience.

    The industry also encourages fully traceable and transparent trade with farms from across the coffee belt and therefore aims to uphold quality at every stage of its production; from farm to cup. Commercial coffee cannot be sourced from small, remote farms because they are often unable to provide the volume required by this side of the industry, making space for the speciality market. The speciality industry builds quality driven, mutually-beneficial relationships between the grower and roaster, which is ultimately advantageous for coffee shops and retailers, who are provided with genuinely great, unique coffee.

    We develop our signature espresso blends and single origin coffees in line with the best harvests from each country of origin and the growing seasons. The beans are roasted with care and showcase the rich diversity of flavours that are found around the world. When we find a coffee that we love, we like to involve our partner customers in the tasting evaluation process, and only when our tasters confirm that it meets the highest standard will it then be added to our portfolio. The industry's ethical nature has created a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, which we thrive upon.

    We supply our coffee to businesses throughout Wales and the UK.

    The Coffee

    We only roast 100% specialty grade arabica coffee. individually sourced for its own unique personality and flavour profile. All of our coffees are based off sustainable relationships with our growers. and all of our beans are roasted weekly. Every bean is roasted at our roastery in Ammanford, South Wales. We have a variety of signature and seasonal espresso blends as well as a constantly evolving list of single origin coffees.

    The Training

    At Coaltown, we believe that building good relationships with our customers is important and mutually beneficial. That's why when you commit to becoming a wholesale customer, free training is part of the deal. All we ask is that you travel to our training school and roastery where you will be guided through a course by our expert trainer.

    Our barista courses currently run over the course of four hours. In this time, you and your staff will be immersed in the world of speciality coffee. The course will begin with an overview of the industry, focusing on the origins of coffee, its production, and the way that we roast our coffee. You will then be taught how to extract the perfect espresso, to steam milk properly, and how to elegantly construct the drinks on your cafe menu. We also like to promote good machine hygiene practices. 


    The Equipment

    Selecting the right coffee machine and brew bar equipment is undoubtedly a huge investment, and one which will lay the foundation for the success of your business.

    We are distributors of San Remo, La Marzocco espresso machines alongside Mahlkonig and Anfim grinders.  We have chosen these models based on their quality, consistency and reliability. They have been vetted to produce the best extraction as well as allowing your barista to control the brew temperature to suit your preferred coffee.

    We can also supply you with and provide staff training for some great brew bar equipment.

    Should you require any further technical support, we have a dedicated service engineer on hand to fix any problems for you.



    The Service

    We view all of our customers as friends and an integral part of Coaltown and our ambition to bring an industry back to Ammanford, our hometown. We are here to help 24/7. If we can't solve any problems over the phone, one of our crew can be with you to help solve any issues that may occur.


    The Extra stuff

    We can also provide your business with a selection of high quality teas from Tea Drop, and some stunning COALITION Hot Chocolate form our collaboration with NomNom as well as all of your equipment maintenance needs.




    If you are interested in being part of the Coaltown story, get in touch! We would love to hear from you!