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recycle your used coffee

don't throw away your used coffee grounds, recycle them at home!

repurpose your
used coffee grounds

If you make a few daily brews of coffee at home, you have a fabulous source of organic matter right at your fingertips. Used Coffee ground can be used in several alternative ways including in your garden, in your skin care regime, or to help you clean your home. here are a few cool ways to reuse below.

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your garden

Coffee grounds have several uses in the garden.

Coffee grounds can give seedlings a much needed boost of nitrogen. Used grounds actually release nitrogen as they degrade which makes for very rich compost.

They are also very acidic and when spread over flower beds of plants that thrive on acid such as hydrangeas, and azaleas, it helps them to grow strong and healthy.

keep insects and
pests at bay

coffee is naturally packed full of caffeine, which is actually a natural pesticide coffee plants produce to protect their cherries from insects and small animals.

used coffee ground are perfect to spread across your topsoil and will also help keep slugs away due to its lightweight abrasive texture. be sure not to apply to your actual plants as this could deter bees from polinating your garden.

cleanse and tone
your skin

Coffee is an excellent natural product to add to your daily beauty routine.

Coffee grounds make a great exfoliating scrub and the caffeine in the grounds actually stimulates skin cells, which can produce tighter, healthier skin. The grounds can be added to coconut oil or a variety of your cream based products and massaged on during a shower.

Coffee also has antioxidant properties and contains a natural astringent which makes it a good face toner and cleanser.

refresh your
pots and pans

Coffee can be a great natural product to add to your cleaning arsenal.

used coffee can be used as an abrasive cleaner when mixed with baking soda. This mixture is good for scouring pots and pans but be careful not to stain certain porous surfaces. Adding coffee to water also creates a powerfull degreaser due to its acidity, and can be great for cleaning cooking hobs and oven trays, as well as brightening up brass and copper items.

how to compost your coffee bag


dispose of your coffee bags the right way in your garden compost