Top 10 Gifts For Coffee Lovers This Christmas

Buying for Christmas can be a little stressful, especially when you aren't an expert in the field of Specialty Coffee. So we have put together a handy guide of our Top 10 gifts for Coffee lovers this Christmas.

If you want to take a look at our full Christmas gift range for 2021 then check out our Gift page HERE.


NO 1: Festive Duo Gift Set - £25.00

Festive Duo Christmas Coffee Gift Set

Our popular Christmas coffee gift set is back with a fresh new look and exciting festively selected coffees for 2021! The Festive Duo was one of our most loved festive products from last year so we had to bring it back but with a few extras included!

This year each gift box contains a card with a QR code link to brew guides for each coffee that will be launched ready for Christmas day. 

Each coffee has been carefully cupped to compliment your festive taste palette with deep winters traditional notes of Cinnamon, Stewed Apple, Berries and Cream, and Candy Canes boozy sweet notes of Red Berries, Elderflower and Brown Sugar. The festive duo box is the perfect gift for any specialty coffee lover.



NO 2: Christmas AeroPress Gift Set - £38.00

Christmas Aeropress Coffee Gift Set

The AeroPress, an icon for coffee lovers. A easy to use, portable, durable and fun brewing system. The Aeropress has sprouted various subcultures in the industry.

The AeroPress is also eco-friendly, with the only waste being the paper filter and coffee puck. Cleaning is super easy, so you’ll spend less time faffing, more time sipping, Ideal for outdoor adventures fitting neatly into your backpack.

A must in your brew kit, this devise is the perfect present. Ideal for a fun "use on the day" gift. Perfectly paired with our Anthracite coffee. this gives you everything you need to get brewing!



NO 3: Opal One Machine & 60 Nespresso® Pod Gift Set - £140.00

Opal One and 60 x Black Gold Nespresso Pods

Our Opal One and Black Gold No3 pod Set is the simple way to get sent up at home with delicious and effortless quality coffee. It's also a great way to get a huge saving on your first pod stock up!

Our most popular house blend Black Gold No3 is now available in Nespresso® compatible 100% aluminium capsules. Our capsules have been carefully sourced and blended to recreate the rich milk chocolate and biscuit flavour profile that has made Black Gold an award-winning favourite within our cafes.

The Opal One is the first capsule machine specifically designed to brew specialty coffee capsules - introducing the Opal One.



NO 4: Seasonal Gift Subscriptions - Prepaid from £28.50 for 3 months

Seasonal Filter Single Origin Gift Subscription

The Seasonal gift subscription is our personal favourite of the top 5 gifts with most Coaltown staff members being signed up themselves.

Our seasonal subscriptions are the perfect way to discover our specialty single origin coffee with a new handpicked origin selected by our head roaster each month. Simply select your frequency and quantity and we'll do the rest.



NO 5. Signature Trio Gift Set - £25.00

Signatire Trio Coffee Gift Box Set

Our Signature Trio, a great introduction to Coaltown's range of House Coffee's.

The Signature trio gift box is a hand picked selection of our favoured key espresso blends. This box contains three whole bean 150g bags, a great way to try our signature selection side by side and a great starting point if you're new to our coffee. It's also a pretty neat gift!


Origin: Blend of El Salvador Brazil and Uganda. Notes: Dark Chocolate & Tobacco


Origin: Donkey Kisinga, Uganda, Natural SL14, SL28. Notes: Strawberry, Peach, dried fruits, honey


Origin: Blend of Brazil, El Salvador & Colombia. Notes: Nutty, Milk Chocolate & Biscuit



NO 6: Christmas union Filter Set - £41.00

Christmas Union no4 Filter Gift Set


The Union Filter Gift set comes complete with our delicious Union No4 House Origin coffee.

The AeroPress coffee maker utilises a breakthrough in the coffee brewing process to yield the smoothest, richest coffee that you have ever tasted.

The Union No4 has been Built on the same concept as our existing coffee blends, but this time specifically developed for filter brew methods. This is our first blend designed for filter brewing, created over many months of cupping and fine tuning at our Ammanford roastery, and we are proud to give this blend our no4 status. This Filter Blend is clean, medium-bodied and perfectly balanced with a subtle sweetness that embodies all we love about specialty filter coffee.

1 x Simply V60 Glass Set

1 x Union No4 227g Bag (Wholebean)



NO 7: Sage Barista Express Espresso Machine - £599.95

Sage Barista Express Espresso Machine

The Sage Barista Express espresso machine has become the go to piece of equipment for the perfect home coffee setup. It mix of build quality, sleek looks, consistency and affordability have made this machine one of the most popular on the market with coffee fanatics when it comes to brewing specialty coffee properly at home.

The barista Express is designed on the principle that ingredients taste better when fresh, the Barista Express prevents degradation of the quality of beans by grinding them directly into the filter for you, to extract their full flavour. The whole process, from bean to coffee couldn't be easier taking less than a minute.

Better yet with each Barista Express purchase you receive a free 1kg Bag of Black Gold no3.



NO 8: Black Gold No3 & Heritage Mug Gift Set - £17.00

Black Gold No3 and Heritage Mug Gift Set


The Black Gold and ceramic mug set set comes complete with our award winning Black Gold No3 House blend and new heritage print ceramic mug.

 Represent Coaltown with our heritage mug, the perfect companion with your favourite brew. The mug also comes in a printed heritage mug gift box. Our ceramic mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe, however, we'd recommend hand washing to preserve the topography design.

 Black Gold No3 espresso is our first blend and has won Two Gold Stars in the UK Great Taste Awards in 2014. This blend is hand roasted to just beyond first crack to give it a rich espresso zing whilst still retaining the natural flavours that are manifested at origin. Its rich chocolate and biscuit base makes it very drinkable.

1 x Heritage Ceramic Mug

1 x Black Gold No3 227g Bag (Wholebean)



NO 9: Wilfa Svart Coffee Grinder - £125.00

Wilfa Svart Electric Coffee Grinder
Some may find a coffee grinder an odd addition to a gift guide, but until you upgrade to an electric grinder from a manual one you wouldn't know how much of a blessing and time saver this piece of kit is!

It's no secret, the best coffee is made from freshly ground beans. Preferably ground with a burr grinder, which gives a more even grind. So if you're looking for the next step in improving your coffee game, we recommend the Wilfa Svart electrical burr grinder for its elegant design and compact design. It's simple to use and gives you the perfect grind for cafetiere, Aeropress, dripper and most other filter grinds.



NO 10: Deep Winter Festive Coffee - £10.00

Deep Winter Festive Coffee

If your just on the search for the ideal stocking filler then Deep Winter is the coffee for you! This is the third year we have launched Deep Winter for the festive season which has established itself as a favourite with it's widely appealing profile and festive taste notes.

Jabiru from Guatemala has been specifically selected and profiled for our deep winter seasonal origin with its Festive notes of Cinnamon, stewed apple, Berries and Cream.


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